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Tools from Japan

Pro Spatura Teflon Set
Price : $109.00
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Teflon "Hook Head" 
Price : $44.00
Contents : 3 Hook head

Teflon "Putter Head"
Price : $44.00
Contents : 3 Putter head

Pro Spatula Handle
Price : $25.00
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Pro Spatura "Hook"
Price : $48.80
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Pro Spatura "Curve"
Price : 48.80
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15cm True Measure
Price : $10
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Edge Squeegee (Hard)
Price : $2.10
Material : Polycetal
Made in Japan
Size : 40mm
Chemical resistance polycetal plastic squeegee. Tough it's hard, There is moderate flexibility at the edge of it.

Laser Logo Engrave
to Edge Squeegee
Price : $1.00

Narrow Blade Knife Set
Price : $12.00
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Narrow Blade Knife
Price : $4.20
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Narrow Blade "Boost Tech"
Price : $6.60
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50 Blades x 10 box
Price : $72.00
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Blade Snapper
Price : $5.10
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Pro Snapper Tip
Price : $32.00
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Handy Heat Iron
Price : $16.10

Masker 550mm
Price : $4.10
Size : 550mm x 18m
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Masker 1000mm
Price : $3.20
Size : 1000mm x 18m
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Masker 1800mm
Price : $4.80
Size : 1800mm x 18m
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G.E.N.E.S.I.S Tool Bag
Price : $286.00
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Wrap Mock-up
Price : $35.00
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